Our Vision

E-mobility is at the core of our vision for an affordable and clean urban and suburban mobility for people and goods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the most affordable electric urban vehicles by combining innovative and existing solutions to free customers from range and batteries charging anxiety.

Our Solution

Discover the Go4Ecomobility concept.

It is an innovative solution for the optimization and rationalization of urban and suburban transport based on 2 key principles: light is right! and simple is right!

We will commercialize very light cars and vans designed for an efficient use of electric power:

  • Portable batteries (no need for charging infrastructure)
  • Low ecological footprint
  • Affordable price and cost of ownership
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Our Senior Management Team

Our small core of academic and business partners, accrued, together, more than 100 years of experience and expertise in mobility and entrepreneurship. We also work with a few very experienced experts.

Henri Jonckheere

Founder and executive of experienced businesses (ATRACORE, HV Solutions) and specialized in the analysis of information systems and project management, Henri is also truly passionate about eco-mobility.

Francis Denis

As a MBA, Francis has 28 years of management experience at the European level both in multinational and small size companies. Using his financial background as an anchor, he held multiple positions in Finance, HR, Sales & Mktg and internal auditing.

Our Team of Experts

Cristian Mocan

Cristi is an engineer in Robotics and Machine Building. He developed the design of the vehicle.

Paul Bere

Paul is an internationally recognized specialist for his expertise and work for several prestigious brands of car manufacturers (Lotus, McLaren, Porsche). He is a Manufacturing Engineer within the Cluj-Napoca Technical University. As part of the GP4EM project, he is responsible for the production of the carbon fiber composite chassis and bodywork of the prototype, while leading the team of engineers and mechanics.

Stefan Breban

Also an Electrical Engineer within the Cluj-Napoca Technical University, Stefan holds several patents in his field of expertise. He is responsible for the electric components of the car and for coordinating the project engineering team.

Petre Teodorescu

Electrical Engineer within the TU of Cluj-Napoca, Petre has conducted several R&D projects in the field of power electronics and is responsible for the electrical systems of this project.

Our product concept and its key benefits


Trendy, Safe and Ultralight

  • Trendy designs
  • Like in Formula One cars, the carbon fiber structure is a safety cell for its occupants.
  • High stability with reduced dimensions
  • The car weights less than 200 kg, batteries excluded
well being

Performance and Range

  • Our models are for urban and suburban use
  • We will propose 2 speed certifications (45 km/h and 80 km/h)
  • The light weight car and batteries will offer a 100 km+ range. Studies mention that max daily urban range is 30 kms

Recharge rapidly everywhere

  • The light weight allows for a reduced quantity of batteries (24 or 32 kg) in multiple blocks
  • This permits an easy extraction and portability of the batteries blocks to the nearest electricity source. You can use a normal home plug and recharge within 2 hours
  • There is no need for a street charging infrastructure nor for a private garage

Significant ecological gains

  • Light batteries mean a lower drain on any national grid
  • Light batteries use less lithium
  • Light weight means a lower friction for less tires pollution and road damages


  • Low starting price at 9.999€ (without taxes and national incentives)
  • Low total cost of ownership due to affordable purchase price and very low electricity consumption